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The Partnership’s newsletter, Expect More Achieve More Kentucky, covers education improvement in Kentucky. The Education Information Network newsletter provides interested Kentuckians with education information. Copies of both newsletters are available online.
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The Partnership publishes newspaper ads on a variety of education topics. Many ads are available online, sorted by topic.
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Other Publications
Champion for Student Success: The 10-Year History of the Partnership for Kentucky Schools. 2002
Download entire document (6.2 MB, pdf) or download by section:

Introduction (1.5 MB, pdf)
Chapter 1: The Shepherd of Reform (605 KB, pdf)
Chapter 2: The Public Campaign (982 KB, pdf)
Chapter 3: Identifying Issues (647 KB, pdf)
Chapter 4: Providing Technical Assistance (1.4 MB, pdf)
Chapter 5: The Road Ahead (955 KB, pdf)
Three pieces published in 2000 to call attention to ten years of education reform in Kentucky:

Past: It isn’t very easy . . . to remember how things were
Download (56 KB, pdf)
Present: We’ve made the commitment . . . so how are we doing?
Download (36 KB, pdf)
Future: Sustaining a long-term commitment is tough
Download (53 KB, pdf)
Kentucky School Updates: A Parent/Citizen Guide. A biennial synopsis of changes in Kentucky education. Formerly published in conjunction with the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, now the Updates are published by the Prichard Committee alone.

Enhancing the Progress of School Reform. A “white paper” outlining recommended changes to education reform. Presented by the founding CEOs in 1995; revised 1997.

From Dilemma to Opportunity. A two-volume five-year report on the Partnership and reform in Kentucky. Released in 1995, marking the midway point in the Partnership’s original 10-year commitment to implementation of reform.
Download Volume 1 (6.6 MB, pdf)
Download Volume 2 (2.4 MB, pdf)

Education: We Make It Our Business. Guide to assist employers in establishing education initiatives at the work site. 1995

The Primary School: A Resource Guide for Parents. Published in 1993 by the Partnership and the Prichard Committee, this resource guide provides information and strategies to help parents become better informed about the primary program.
Download (1 MB, pdf)

The KERA Briefing Notebook. A description of the facets of education reform, used as a tool for better understanding the importance of Kentucky’s new education system. 1992

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