Education 2020

The Partnership for Kentucky Schools has, since 1991, been a sustaining force in the effort to improve Kentucky’s schools. But in our world of rapid change, sustaining is not enough. Education today must be as flexible and responsive as any successful business.

That’s why the Partnership has recently initiated Education 2020, a comprehensive action plan designed to ensure the continuous improvement of Kentucky’s schools.

Education 2020 is a collaboration of the Partnership with:

  • The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
  • The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence
  • The Kentucky Department of Education
  • Kentucky Educational Television

We believe that the vision for better schools must be firmly established in each of Kentucky’s 176 school districts. This is our bottom line: Continuous education improvement cannot succeed without a commitment from education professionals, business people, parents, grandparents, and citizens.

We encourage you to become familiar with our work then and now, then look at how to get involved. Join us as we work to create a better education for all Kentucky students, school by school and community by community.